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Good Deeds Everyday


Assalamu’alaykum dear brothers and sisters fillah, #LoveIslam Forever …

Friday mubarok! Walhamdulillah it’s jumuah again, don’t forget to read al-Quran surah al-Kahfi 🙂

Just a little sharing, Some friends (non-muslims) ask, “what are your daily good habits, as muslims? and Why you always do it?”

A lot of brothers and sisters shohibul quran make the messages #Tadzkirah, do these habits, such as :

Love to say Bismillah and Alhamdulillah in every activity,

Read al-Qur’an regularly,

Pray / sholat on time and avoid missing prayers intentionally.

Always #Reminder Do not spend too much time watching the TV.

Make use of time by reading good Islamic books.

Spend time in the Masjid, go regularly for prayers and build a connection with the Masjid, of course.

Make dua to Allah Ta’ala, pouring out the contents of your heart. Make du’a all the time. In Happiness, walhamdulillah. In Sadness, still walhamdulillah. Say Thankyou Allah for every single thing. It’s very amazing habbit with the amazing effect, sure insyaAllah!

Make constant zikr. Zikr #always Remember Allah gives the heart peaces as mentioned in the Qur’an and cleans up any filth therein.
Most importantly, ask Allah Ta’ala for forgiveness. Astaghfirrullohal ‘adziim… of course it will make your heart feel comfortable, 

Always feel happy to share, sharing is caring… and do it because of Love Allah, love rasulullah (PbuH).



Muslims did it “Because they want to be more beloved by Allah and to achieve Allah’s blessings” 🙂


Let’s do it as good habbit, those are good deeds, say to our pure hearts : #Islam is the way of life! What a very beautiful habits as the teaching of our lovely Prophet, Muhammad salallahu ‘alayhi wassalam. Waullohu a’lam bisshowab.

(@bidadari_Azzam, Syaban 1438 hijriyyah in KL)

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